Success Services

At CareerSpaces, we’re fully committed to supporting the important work you do in helping people achieve their potential in school, career and life . In short, we’re committed to your success. That’s why we’ve developed our Success Services program to get you started quickly on the right path to quickly achieving results from your CareerSpaces implementation. Rest assured you will benefit from the valuable knowledge and best.

Support from the start

Your career development program is in capable, friendly hands with CareerSpaces. We get you started with an initial support call to coordinate any necessary data integration.

Then we walk you through implementation, work with you to define your goals, develop and document a success plan to ensure you meet them,provide comprehensive, on-demand support resources and support you every step of the way with unlimited access to technical and instructional support

Training and Development

Our resources for training and development are designed to get you started quickly and to ensure ongoing success.

They include on-demand product training, hundreds of regularly-scheduled video tutorials throughout the year that feature career and academic best practices and newsletters full of rich, engaging content and activities to strengthen your program. And if needed, we’ll customize a training program for all the stakeholders in your school.

Desirable Outcomes

CareerSpaces is very intentional and relevant at every step of the way along a child's career path and academic journey. Our System offers rich and greatly engaging content for every level for the student

  • Primary School

    Our Program helps primary schools students develope a self concept leading to role playing in careers. Students start to study with purpose because they can visualize their career paths

  • O Level

    Our program helps students understand how what they learn in class connects with careers in the work place as well as help them identify subjects to choose at A Level (subject combination)

  • A Level

    Our program helps students in A Level choose courses at University and at Tertiary Institutions. Gives them all the necessary information they need to choose a course that is right for them as well gives them insights into the job market and trends in Uganda

Your trusted companion along your academic journey