Create Successful Futures

Helping students build a future plan connecting school to real life positively impacts their academic achievement, classroom engagement, career and life success. Motivated students contribute to higher-performing schools and stronger and successful communities

We thus put in effort in ensuring that the students are well informed about career opportunities relative to their studies such that we arm them to make informed decisions

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Start the Conversation Early

CareerSpaces engaging interface gets students excited about exploring their options, interests, and aspirations , followed by career activities and assessments in later classes. Because the program is so easy to use, educators spend less time explaining and more time focusing on activities that make an impact.

Connect Academics and life dots

CareerSpaces connects the real world to the classroom with the latest career and labor market information, salaries, and educational pathways – all written in a way that’s easy to understand. Students also learn essential 21st-century skills like financial literacy and goal-setting through video interviews, role-playing activities

From Class To Your Desired Future

Self Awareness

CareerSpaces program and world-renowned assessments – covering learning styles, skills, and interests – help students better understand themselves and the importance of building a plan

My Career Connections

The My CareerSpaces Account is a one-stop location for students to save careers and schools of interest, assessment results, A Level school grades and more as they progress through school

Personalize pathways

Every student is unique – why not their career pathways? CareerSpaces database of career profiles, universities, courses and scholarships puts students on the pathway that’s right for them.

Tracking for success

CareerSpaces includes administrative tools that open the lines of communication between educators, administrators, and parents, offering real-time visibility into student's career preferences and aspirations

Educators and Administrators can

View the career aspirations of your students

Connect subjects to careers through career insights from professionals

Help a teachers connect with volunteers that can come and inspire students

Send targeted messages and reminders to students and parents

Parent Involvement

CareerSpaces for highschool also includes parents. Parents have a critical role in helping students plan for the future. That’s why they have access to their child’s progress at all times and are able to communicate with their child’s teachers and counselors using an integrated Parent Portal.