Self-Knowledge & Skill-Building

Students learn about how their interests and personality traits impact the types of careers that they might find fulfilling. The Matchmaker assessment provides career suggestions that innately align with who students are, while also identifying career options they may not have thought of on their own.

Students gain an understanding of their unique learning styles, with clear feedback and concrete techniques to help them study and retain information.

Students create a personal portfolio that represents who they are today and captures their plans for the future. Customizable background images and avatars encourage students to make the space their own, and a shareable link makes sharing their journey with their networks easy.

A fully-integrated lesson curriculum designed to encourage reflection and help students apply learning. Lesson content teaches social-emotional competencies and practical skill-building and includes personalized content based on students’ saved careers and interests.

Academic & Career Readiness

Modern photography featuring real-life practitioners helps students envision themselves in a career, while they learn about the day in the life of a professional—including key tasks and workplace conditions, earnings by career stage, career demand, and more.

Students can explore careers grouped by common skills, knowledge, and industries—expanding their knowledge of options in a particular field.

Goals teaches students about goal-setting in an engaging and manageable way to help them understand how completing small steps influences their long-term plans. For educators, it gives them the insights they need to provide personalized feedback to support their students’ personal, academic, and social-emotional growth.

University Planning & Applications Tracking

CareerSpaces database of over 50 local Universities and 100 Tertiary institutions gives students a clear picture of their post-secondary options. Students see the courses offered at a given campus, insights about tutition fees, details about life on campus, important deadlines, application requirements and more so they can make university decisions with confidence.

Proactively engage your students outside of the classroom, so you can provide every student the level of support they need to complete application requirements tasks, meet deadlines, and successfully plan and achieve their college and career goals.

Family Portal

Parents and guardians can be invited to gain full visibility into their students’ future goals and plans so they can better support their learning and development. The read-only experience lets families see their child’s progress on lessons, course selection, and career and college exploration.

Parents and guardians can try CareerSpaces and experience first hand what their child is working on in school. This includes the lessons they can take, skills inventories and personal assessments they can conduct, the different careers they can explore and learn more about, and how plans to achieve academic and future goals are developed.